Connect a Square Reader and complete a credit card transaction.
Reader SDK: Quickstart

Take a Credit Card Payment

Connect a Square Reader and complete a credit card transaction. If you have been working with a virtual device, you need to deploy the sample application to a physical device and authorize the Reader SDK with a new mobile authorization code before continuing.

Did you know?

If you do not have a Square Reader, you can request a free Magstripe Reader or purchase a Square Reader online or in person.

  1. If you have never taken card payments before, activate your account for credit card payments. You see a green Activate button if you still need to activate your account. If you do not see the button, you are already activated.

  2. Connect a Square Reader:

    • If you have a Contactless and Chip Reader, choose Settings in the sample application, choose Reader Settings, and then follow the prompts. If you run into trouble connecting the Reader, see Set Up the Square Reader for Contactless and Chip for assistance.

    • If you have a Magstripe Reader, plug it into your mobile device and grant the Reader microphone permissions if prompted.

  3. Choose the Charge $1.00 button to complete a credit card transaction.

  4. View the transaction details in the Square Seller Dashboard. You should refund the transaction while you are in the Seller Dashboard.

A graphic showing the Reader SDK Utility screen with $1.00 charge, with options for updating reader settings or deauthorizing the reader, and a third page with a list of connected card readers.

Congratulations! You just completed a credit card transaction with a Square Reader and the Reader SDK.

If you need more assistance, contact Developer Support or ask for help in the Developer Forums.