Customer Solutions Overview

Square provides customer solutions that allow sellers to grow their businesses and build customer relationships. The Square Developer Platform provides APIs for you to integrate customer, loyalty, and gift card features directly into your application.

The Square Customer Directory is central to customer-related solutions. Using the Customers API, you can integrate the Customer Directory into Square payment processing flows to store customer information, manage customer relationships, track interactions with a seller's business, and maintain timely communications.

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Customer APIs

The following APIs are available:

  • Customers API - Creates and manages customer profiles and searches for customers based on various criteria. You can also use the API to sync contacts between a CRM system and Square and to manage membership in customer groups.
  • Customer Custom Attributes API - Creates and manages custom attributes for customer profiles. Custom attributes let you extend the Customer data model and store custom properties and metadata.
  • Customer Groups API - Creates and manages customer groups to enable scoped promotions and other personalized experiences at scale or perform actions based on group membership.
  • Customer Segments API - Retrieves information about the customer segments defined by Square sellers in the Seller Dashboard or Square Point of Sale.
  • Loyalty API - Creates and manages loyalty accounts and promotions in a Square loyalty program and allows buyers to earn points and redeem points for discounts.
  • Gift Cards API - Creates a gift card, retrieves gift card information, and links a customer to a gift card. The Gift Card Activities API creates gift card activities, such as activating a gift card, adding funds to a gift card, and redeeming a gift card.
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Third-party solutions

In addition to in-house development, developers can create applications and offer them for a fee to Square sellers in the App Marketplace. For customer-related solutions available in the App Marketplace, see Loyalty & Rewards.

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Square products

Square customer solutions include products that allow sellers to reward customers, engage with customers using email or text marketing, and manage other customer relationship activities.

The following Square products allow sellers to manage customers and work with customer-focused features:

  • Seller Dashboard - Provides sellers with tools to manage daily business operations. A seller can control just about everything needed to ensure that the business is running smoothly.
  • Customer Directory - Provides contact management, where you can store customer information, view how customers interact with your business, and engage with them.
  • Square Loyalty - Helps sellers to increase repeat visits to their business by rewarding customers.
  • Square Marketing - Provides tools to expand your business with personalized, one-time, and automated email and text campaigns to keep your customers engaged.
  • Square Messages - Provides a communications hub to send and receive texts, emails, and more all from one place.
  • Square Gift Cards - Enables sellers to launch a custom gift card program.