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Checkout API

The Checkout API process overview
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At a high level, completing an order with Square Checkout involves the following steps:

  1. Application frontend collects order information

  2. Application backend sends a CreateCheckout request.

  3. Square responds with a checkout object that includes an Order object and a URL to the Checkout form.

  4. Application backend sends the checkout URL to its frontend, which redirects the customer to that URL. The Checkout form appears prepopulated with transaction information.

  5. Customer provides payment details using the Square Checkout UI hosted by Square.

  6. Square attempts to authorize and capture the payment. If there is an error, the Square Checkout form prompts the customer to correct their information.

  7. Square redirects the customer to the Checkout confirmation page.

Once payment processing completes, a confirmation email is sent to the buyer at the email address collected in the checkout form, transaction and buyer details are made available in the Square Dashboard.