Build Basics: Square Data Model

Payments and Refunds

To understand money movement in the Square data model, you will need to understand the data types used to model payments and refunds. This section will walk you through the Connect v2 concepts of payments and refunds.

Payments and refunds represent a discrete monetary exchange. Square represents this exchange as a money object with a specific currency and amount, where the amount is given in the smallest denomination of the given currency. For example, when the currency is USD, the amount is provided in cents.

Refunds represent the full or partial repayment for a given payment. Refunds must be tied to a specific payment and a given payment may have 0 or more associated refunds.

Refunds must send funds to the same payment source used during the original payment. Refund amounts cannot exceed the original payment amount minus the total amount of all previous refunds for that payment.

Did you know?

Square has a variety of payment APIs and SDKs for eCommerce (online) and in-person (point of sale) payment processing.