Learn about the Square App Marketplace and distribute your app to millions of Square sellers.

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Distribute your app to millions of Square sellers

A conceptual graphic showing the Square App Marketplace site.

Millions of sellers use the Square App Marketplace to discover and install apps that they rely on daily to run their businesses. As a Square App Partner, you can offer and monetize your apps directly to Square sellers in the App Marketplace. Apply Now.

  • Market your app in front of Square sellers on the Square App Marketplace.

  • Enable sellers to seamlessly connect to your app.

  • Customize your listing to best reflect your brand and app benefits.

  • Access to our technical team using Slack

  • Insights into the performance of your app on the App Marketplace

  • Direct access to new product launches

Use the following steps to list your app on the Square App Marketplace:

  1. Apply Online and Sign a Partner Agreement To list your app on the Square App Marketplace, you must sign up to become a Square partner. For details, see apply now. The Square partnership team will reach out to you within 1 to 2 weeks to follow up with the next steps. After you sign up, Square engineers can also offer a technical discovery call about the integration.

  2. Kick off a Partnership with Square After the contract is signed, Square kicks off the App Launch process. The Square partnership team reviews the expectations, requirements, and timeline with you. At this time, Square provides a wireframe template for you to fill out. Square also offers optional technical consultation, as needed. You fill out the template by providing details about how the integration works, how Oauth is implemented, and what Square APIs are used.

  3. Wireframe Review The Square partnership team reviews the wireframe for any outstanding issues. The objective is to ensure that the integration meets the minimum requirements.

  4. Quality Assurance Testing After the Square partnership team signs off on the wireframe, Square creates a customized QA checklist based on the integration scope. You must complete all test cases (including any additional integration and user-acceptance tests) listed on the checklist. The partner is expected to resolve all outstanding issues on the QA checklist. After you complete testing, our team conducts a final round of QA tests and signs off.

  5. App Listing Content Review You must submit the content of your app listing in the Developer Dashboard for the Square marketing review and sign off. At this time, you can leverage Square messaging guidelines and assets (such as images) for Square branding in your marketing material. For more information, see Partner Marketing Resource Hub. The content review process ensures that your listing on the App Marketplace communicates effectively with Square sellers.

  6. Publish the Listing Square creates and publishes your app listing. After the listing is published, you can view the listing on the Square App Marketplace.

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If you need more assistance, contact Developer Support or ask for help in the Developer Forums.