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CA - enum entry in sqip.Country
CAD - enum entry in sqip.Currency
Call - class in sqip
An invocation of an SDK call that sends a request to Square servers and returns a response.
Callback - class in sqip
Communicates the result of an asynchronous operation.
cancel() - function in sqip.Call
Cancels this call.
CANCELED - enum entry in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Error.Code

The result when the customer cancels the Square Buyer Verification flow before a card is successfully verified.

Card - class in sqip
Represents a payment card.
Card.Brand - class in sqip.Card
The card brand (for example, Visa).
Card.PrepaidType - class in sqip.Card
Card.Type - class in sqip.Card
CardDetails - class in sqip
Represents the result of a successful operation to process card payment information.
CardEntry - class in sqip
Lets the application collect card information from the customer.
CardEntryActivityCommand - class in sqip
Commands that determine the behavior of the Square card entry activity after the completion of a CardNonceBackgroundHandler.
CardEntryActivityCommand.Finish - class in sqip.CardEntryActivityCommand
Finish the card entry activity with CardEntryActivityResult.Success.
CardEntryActivityCommand.ShowError - class in sqip.CardEntryActivityCommand
Display message in an error dialog to the customer, and allow the customer to edit their card information and re-submit.
CardEntryActivityResult - class in sqip
Represents the result of a card entry activity.
CardEntryActivityResult.Canceled - class in sqip.CardEntryActivityResult
The result when the customer cancels the Square card entry activity before a card is successfully entered.
CardEntryActivityResult.Success - class in sqip.CardEntryActivityResult
Represents the result of a successful operation to process card payment information.
CardNonceBackgroundHandler - class in sqip
A callback invoked on a background thread after the customer successfully enters their card information and before the card entry activity finishes.
CC - enum entry in sqip.Country
CD - enum entry in sqip.Country
CDF - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CF - enum entry in sqip.Country
CG - enum entry in sqip.Country
CH - enum entry in sqip.Country
CHE - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CHF - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CHINA_UNION_PAY - enum entry in sqip.Card.Brand
CHW - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CI - enum entry in sqip.Country
city(String) - function in sqip.Contact.Builder
CK - enum entry in sqip.Country
CL - enum entry in sqip.Country
CLF - enum entry in sqip.Currency
clone() - function in sqip.Call
Creates a new, identical call to this one which can be enqueued or executed even if this call has already been executed.
CLP - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CM - enum entry in sqip.Country
CN - enum entry in sqip.Country
CNY - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CO - enum entry in sqip.Country
compareTo(BuyerVerificationResult.Error.Code) - function in kotlin.Enum
compareTo(Card.Brand) - function in kotlin.Enum
compareTo(Card.Type) - function in kotlin.Enum
compareTo(Card.PrepaidType) - function in kotlin.Enum
compareTo(Country) - function in kotlin.Enum
compareTo(Currency) - function in kotlin.Enum
compareTo(GooglePayNonceResult.Error.Code) - function in kotlin.Enum
compareTo(SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Error.Code) - function in kotlin.Enum
component1() - function in sqip.BuyerAction.Charge
component1() - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Success
component1() - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Error
component1() - function in sqip.Card
component1() - function in sqip.CardEntryActivityCommand.ShowError
component1() - function in sqip.CardEntryActivityResult.Success
component1() - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Success
component1() - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Error
component1() - function in sqip.Money
component1() - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Success
component1() - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Error
component1() - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceParameters
component1() - function in sqip.SquareIdentifier.LocationToken
component2() - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Success
component2() - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Error
component2() - function in sqip.Card
component2() - function in sqip.CardEntryActivityResult.Success
component2() - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Success
component2() - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Error
component2() - function in sqip.Money
component2() - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Success
component2() - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Error
component3() - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Error
component3() - function in sqip.Card
component3() - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Error
component3() - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Error
component4() - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Error
component4() - function in sqip.Card
component4() - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Error
component4() - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Error
component5() - function in sqip.Card
component6() - function in sqip.Card
component7() - function in sqip.Card
Contact - class in sqip
This represents the required given name field and optional fields that can be passed in as part of the verification process.
Contact.Builder - class in sqip.Contact
COP - enum entry in sqip.Currency
copy(Money) - function in sqip.BuyerAction.Charge
copy(Boolean,String) - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Success
copy(BuyerVerificationResult.Error.Code,String,String,String) - function in sqip.BuyerVerificationResult.Error
copy(Card.Brand,String,Integer,Integer,String,Card.Type,Card.PrepaidType) - function in sqip.Card
copy(CharSequence) - function in sqip.CardEntryActivityCommand.ShowError
copy(String,Card) - function in sqip.CardEntryActivityResult.Success
copy(String,Card) - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Success
copy(GooglePayNonceResult.Error.Code,String,String,String) - function in sqip.GooglePayNonceResult.Error
copy(Integer,Currency) - function in sqip.Money
copy(String,Card) - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Success
copy(SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Error.Code,String,String,String) - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceNonceResult.Error
copy(Integer) - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerceParameters
copy(String) - function in sqip.SquareIdentifier.LocationToken
COU - enum entry in sqip.Currency
Country - class in sqip
Indicates the country associated with an entity, such as a business.
countryCode(Country) - function in sqip.Contact.Builder
CR - enum entry in sqip.Country
CRC - enum entry in sqip.Currency
createIsReadyToPayRequest() - function in sqip.GooglePay
Creates an IsReadyToPayRequest instance with Square-supported card networks and payment methods configured.
createPaymentDataRequest(String,<ERROR CLASS>) - function in sqip.GooglePay
Creates a PaymentDataRequest instance configured for the Square payment gateway.
createPaymentDataRequest(<ERROR CLASS>,SecureRemoteCommerceParameters,Integer) - function in sqip.SecureRemoteCommerce
Starts an activity that requests a verification token for a card paymentSourceId.
CREDIT - enum entry in sqip.Card.Type
CU - enum entry in sqip.Country
CUC - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CUP - enum entry in sqip.Currency
Currency - class in sqip
Indicates the associated currency for a money amount .
CV - enum entry in sqip.Country
CVE - enum entry in sqip.Currency
CW - enum entry in sqip.Country
CX - enum entry in sqip.Country
CY - enum entry in sqip.Country
CZ - enum entry in sqip.Country
CZK - enum entry in sqip.Currency
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